Alexander Alir… a mysterious, surprising and multitalented man – an artist, a musician, a poet … and still lots more besides… A man gifted with great imagination, and, most importantly, the ability to transform fantasy into reality. He is a wonderful inventor and organizer of many colourful, well-known projects in the country (Owner of children’s literature publishing house “SAMOVAR“, producer of the Festival “RUSSIAN TALE” in Suzdal to name but a few …) The most amazing thing is that he never hugs the lime light.


This multitasking man has not only created and led the publishing house  for 15 years but has also been its editor in chief, the chief artist and one of the leading illustrators as well.
And what about his audio recordings for children with the best Russian actors ?!
And what about major children’s events across the country and in the children’s camp “Artek”?! It’s hard to list them all …
Having left bustling Moscow, he now lives by the sea, paints and writes songs, full of light, warmth, kindness … For friends … He has recorded three albums of songs but he doesn’t tour widely and doesn’t boast.
He built and developed a private gallery in the Crimea, which became the creative and cultural hub for very interesting people, quite literally from all over the world …
Man-light, man-power. One of those whose life and work does not allow us to stop believing in Humanity. In all that he does there is the energy of the sea, the colours, joy … and … Goodness.